Sala Virtual SiembraFest


Selección Oficial del SiembraFest 2022 | Miradas de Río y Pesca
Colombia / 2021 / Español / 22:34 min. / Musical, Documental, Experimental, Ficción

Dirección: Juan Gordon
Producción: Juan Gordon, Andres Madrigal, Jefry Martinez
Guión: Juan Gordon
Reparto: William Lincona, Sofia Escobar, Osnaider Madera, Andi Valencia, Jefry Martinez, Andres Madrigal


Basado en el álbum “Manglar” de Soul AM y Ruzto, Manglar cuenta la historia de cuatro personajes que viven en Necoclí, Colombia; sus días llenos de trabajo, amor, pasión, traición, miedo, tradición y música se cruzan entre si como las raíces de los manglares.



Juan Gordon

My first feature film as co-Director, co-Writer and co-DoP (Credits shared with 45+ artists) “Anthropos” feature film premiered at FICCI 55. Collaborator of Spiros Stathoulopoulos (PVC -1, Meteora, KKK), Samir Oliveros (Bad Lucky Goat), Also worked in the Director’s team with Bennett Miller (Capote, Money Ball, Foxcatcher) for a AT&T’s Branded-content shot in LA and Barranquilla, Colombia. Helped in the cinematography department (DP Przemyslaw Reut) on Charlie Comparetto’s 2019 Ghost In the Graveyard. Thanks to this collabs i’ve been in over 40 film festival world wide FICCI, SXSW, Clermont Ferrand, BFI, and more. Since 2018 decided to moved back to Colombia and started a career as a TV and Digital Branded Content Director (while pre. produced my auteur feature film) merging my cinematic knowledge with the current commercial requirements, searching for a balance to create audiovisual pieces transmitting a clear and direct concept without losing my honesty soul following my aesthetic and noble eye. Represented in Colombia by La Octava and Paraguay by Maneglia Schémbori


Selección Oficial